Hero of the week: Alexandru Railean

Read the interview with Alexandru Railean — a Python developer with an interest in cryptography and information security.

The Manipulator. Part 2 — Operators continued

In the last article of this series, you'll find out about the rest operators as well as the order of their execution. This is where apparently complex expressions simplify to something light and easy to understand.

The Manipulator. Part 1 — Intro to Operators

In the first article of this series, you'll meet the second Hero of JavaScript - The Manipulator, who compares, combines and operates on variables in different ways.

How to install Python

See how to install Python 3 on your machine, be it Windows or Linux. Today the installation process is quite simplified, with few steps to make until having Python on your machine.

Why To Learn Python?

Discussing about why learning Python is worth doing today. What are the benefits and opportunities for those who want to ...

Hero of the week: Nicolae Gudumac

Read the interview with Nicolae Gudumac - a full stack JavaScript developer who founded a global startup.

Function Expressions vs Function Declarations

I bet you use both Function Expressions and Function Declarations in your code, but do you know the difference? Challenge yourself with a quiz and then learn what you missed out.

Why To Learn JavaScript?

Becoming a JavaScript programmer was never so big of an opportunity as it is now. It's easy, popular and you can do a lot of awesome things with it.