Hi there, I'm Iulian.

I'm a freelance developer, a professional trainer and an university lecturer. I've been helping people become better for over 8 years now.

The Zen of Productivity course image

Recently I pulled together all the lessons and insights learned during all these years of my active involvement as an employee as well as a volunteer in numerous projects and created an online course — how to become more productive and get your work done. I launched it, and people are loving it.

It’s a super-cool course validated by five decades of psychological research in neuroscience — the science of our brain, and it focuses on the things that are the most important for a productive person — the foundations on which productivity relies upon.

By mastering the foundations of productivity, you will be able to explain existing productivity techniques, analyze your own working and learning environments and come up with specific action steps that will help you improve your productivity.

Pretty great, isn’t it? That’s why I’m trying an experiment right now. For a limited time, I’m giving away my course on productivity for a fraction of price. Instead of $95, you can benefit from it for only $19, which gives you an 80% discount on this course.

Here’s what Rahni, one of the folks who went through the course, said about it:

So systematic and clear — easy even for a social sciences dummie to understand! Very enjoyable, thanks. Have recommended it to friends family and colleagues.

Or take a look what Ana, another course student thinks about it:

I like that the course brings scientific data in a comprehensible way. It also brings explanation of why one should take certain actions to increase productivity, rather than telling what to do.

For more details, go to the course page that is hosted on Udemy — a leading online platform for learning and check out course curriculum and more reviews.

You can become much more productive, either at work or at learning. And it’s not that hard. You just need the knowledge and then you need to act based on that knowledge. The course gives you the required knowledge so that you will be able to control your environment to be more productive.